Services to help leaders and their teams in higher education to be more effective and reach their potential.



Make Your Meetings More Productive.

I bet you spend so much time in meetings that you don’t have time to plan for the next one. Or maybe you’ve noticed that despite lots of talking, the only decision that gets made is the need for another meeting. That’s where a facilitator can help. I’m known for my artful ability to keep a group focused, on track and moving forward. I’m also not afraid to ask the tough questions or confront the assumptions that can hold back decision making. Here’s what else I’ll deliver when facilitating your next meeting:

  • Help your group get crystal clear about the issues and task at hand

  • Encourage participation from everyone and tease out diverse perspectives

  • Manage the difficult personalities in the room and those who dominate the discussion

  • Ensure the decisions made are sustainable

  • Model facilitation skills and effective meeting management

Develop Your Managers.

Many administrators in the college and university sector have little formal education or training in management. These highly interactive and dynamic workshops equip busy administrators and managers with the skills, behaviors and mindset to guide their team to achieve results. The sessions focus on real-life challenges and provide managers with best practices and easy to apply models. Here's the training I wish I’d had when I started my career as an administrator in the college system:

  • Internal Consulting Skills/Increasing Influence

  • Managing Effective Meetings

  • Team Development and Facilitative Leadership

  • Coaching Skills

  • Holding Staff Accountable

  • Change Management


Keep Your Department Engaged.

Increasingly leaders are being held accountable for improving engagement in their departments. While surveys that measure engagement across the organization can identify which employee groups are less engaged than others, they don’t tell the full story. I help busy leaders discover the unique barriers to engagement for their teams and to develop plans and strategies based on data rather than assumptions. Here’s how else I can help you boost engagement:

  • Gain buy-in with management and staff

  • Design and facilitate focus groups to gather information

  • Create a safe environment for staff to talk candidly

  • Analyze data and create a clear picture of the issues

  • Co-create a plan to improve engagement

  • Develop easy to implement strategies


Build A Strong Team.

High functioning teams don’t just magically appear: they need attention and support to reach their potential. I work with leaders and their teams to assess their developmental needs and help them thrive. Here’s how I can help you cultivate a more effective team:

  • Facilitate a strengths-based team building session

  • Resolve a conflict or facilitate a difficult conversation

  • Identify and support the implementation of new team norms

  • Coaching in how to deliver and receive feedback

  • Gain clarity about team purpose, roles, and responsibilities



Design A Dynamic Board.

Building an effective board is tricky business – especially for Student Associations. Each spring, a group of newly elected student leaders with big ideas and little experience must be transformed into a board that provides oversight while keeping their fingers out of operations. I help Executive Directors and General Managers establish the positive board dynamics and great governance practices that lead to trusting partnerships with their board. Here’s how I can help:

  • Chair Board meetings and/or coach student Chairs to be more effective in their role

  • Facilitate the development of clear, easy to understand, and up-to-date bylaws, policies and procedures

  • Design and deliver dynamic board retreats

  • Develop and conduct orientation for new board members

  • Coaching for ED’s and GM’s to build leadership capacity

  • Help restore order and civility to an unruly board