I’m an organizational consultant and coach with a mission to inspire people to be courageously authentic in their professional and personal lives. I help leaders and their teams to be more effective and reach their potential. When I’m not working in organizations, I coach women without children to find maximum fulfillment in their lives.

I spent 15 years in higher education as a manager and internal consultant in the areas of human rights and policy development. I discovered a knack for dealing with the thorny issues others wanted to avoid - things like sexual harassment prevention, workplace violence, and LGBTQ awareness. I became known for my tendency to tactfully address the risky issues that get in the way of relationships and results.

As an independent consultant, I’m sought out by clients for my ability to help them get clear about what’s really going on. I’m also known for my willingness to speak directly and non-judgmentally about sensitive topics.

My life coaching practice grew out of my personal journey learning to embrace a life without kids. I help women deal with grief, challenge the idealization of motherhood and craft a new dream.

I satisfied a deep commitment to social justice by completing a Master of Arts in Sociology and Equity Studies from OISE/UT. To support my natural talent for helping people deal more effectively with the tough stuff, I completed a bunch of certifications: I trained as a mediator with a focus on resolving human rights and employee relations disputes, I have a Master’s Certificate in Organizational Development from Schulich/CODI, and I’m an Adler trained coach.


 Curious about my private life?
Take a peek at these photos of the people and things that matter most to me.


My dad taught me the power of a great suit.

My older brother Mike miraculously survived a stem cell transplant that didn’t take. Every day with him is a gift.

One of my secrets to living a fulfilling life without kids is travelling with childfree friends. Here’s my posse in Sicily.

Don’t let these 70’s styles fool you. My mum was a major fashionista and an award winning interior designer. I miss her every day.

Being an aunt rocks. I’m always begging my brother to take a hike so I can look after these two by myself.

I love cooking AND getting outdoors. Here I am doing both on my annual canoe trip. I paired these stir-fried veggies with NY strip steaks. Yum.

My siblings are my main source of Inspiration. They’re wildly successful doing what they love. John’s an award winning editorial and commercial photographer and Nadine founded Living Libations, a natural beautycare company.

It was ‘love at first sight’ when I met my partner Rob's cousin’s pug. Despite some fierce allergies, I adore animals.

After 14 years together and a stubborn refusal on both our parts to marry, I’m still crazy about my partner Rob.