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Laurie Sanci


Laurie Sanci



I’m an organizational consultant, facilitator, and coach. I help leaders and their teams to be more effective and reach their potential. I also have a coaching practice helping women without children find maximum fulfillment in their personal lives.

My mission is to inspire people to be courageously authentic in their personal and professional lives. Whether working as a consultant or coach, I’m known for:

  • Daring my clients to be their authentic selves and to let go of the approval of others

  • Encouraging a team to take a stand on issues that matter deeply to them

  • Helping clients face uncomfortable but necessary issues

  • Challenging leaders to make difficult decisions

  • Surfacing undiscussables or thorny issues with a team

  • Coaching leaders in how to hold others accountable

I believe that being courageously authentic has the power to transform how we work and how we live.